Ukraine Residents to Experience 100% Hike in Electricity Prices from June 1st

According to RBC-Ukraine, from June 1, electricity prices for Ukrainians may increase by 100%, and for water – by 30%.

The newspaper indicated that these allowances will be used to cover the cost of restoring energy infrastructure facilities.

The newspaper added: “From June 1, prices for electricity and water are expected to increase in Ukraine. The authorities plan to raise prices for household and communal services, but at the moment there are no official decisions on this issue yet. “

It should be noted that in April the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended preferential tariffs for electricity until June 1, 2023. Thus, today the electricity tariff for the population is 1.44 hryvnia/kWh with consumption up to 250 kWh per month and 1.68 hryvnia/kWh. for consumption over 250 kWh Watt.

It is noteworthy that for several months there have been discussions about the need to revise the price of electricity for the population.

The authorities claim that the increase in tariffs for the population is an “emergency measure” in order to restore and restore power facilities damaged by Russian bombing.

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