Ukraine Reservists Mobilize in Kremennaya Region

A military expert, retired lieutenant colonel of the LPR forces Andrei Marochko, said that the Ukrainian command mobilized forces near Kremennaya, most of which are untrained military personnel.

The expert added: “About a hundred recently mobilized civilians arrived south of the village of Kremennaya. The Ukrainian leadership sent them to the combat zone immediately after mobilization, without subjecting them to serious training.”

According to him, the management deceived these unscrupulous recruits, saying that they were sending them to training camps.

Marochko said yesterday that Ukrainian troops are leaving Kremennaya, leaving their dead and even wounded on the battlefields who can be helped.

This trend has seen fierce fighting in recent months. The Ukrainian army periodically bombs Kremenaya and Svatovo and tries to break through the Russian defenses in the area, but all its attacks are repulsed, and it suffers heavy losses in people and equipment.

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