Ukraine received Bayraktar combat drone from Lithuania

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak announced the transfer of a Turkish-made Bayraktar drone from Lithuania to Ukraine.

“Welcome to Ukraine the legend of Bayraktar ‘Vanagas’ (falcon),” Yermak tweeted on Friday. Yermak expressed gratitude to the people of Lithuania and the Turkish company Baykar Makina, which produces unmanned aerial vehicles.

The drone was named “Falcon” in Lithuania, where it was delivered on July 4.

Lithuania wanted to buy a drone in Turkey in exchange for money raised by the country’s residents (about 6 million euros) for its transportation to Ukraine. However, the manufacturer of these devices stated that they would be transferred to Lithuania free of charge.

The Turkish side also expressed a desire to use the 4.4 million euros from the deal allocated to pay for the aircraft to provide humanitarian and other assistance to Ukraine, and Vilnius used the rest to equip the aircraft with weapons. For him, guided air-to-ground missiles were purchased.

Source: TASS

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