Ukraine Provides Pentagon with Updates on Situation and Casualties

US Department of Defense Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh said the United States is receiving information from Ukraine about losses in confrontations and takes this into account when planning assistance.

Sabrina Singh stated: “Of course, one of the topics that we discuss with the Ukrainians is the loss of combat capability and loss, whatever the cost, any systems that do not work properly … There is a direct line of communication in various coordinates this with Kiev at assistance planning.

The Pentagon announced the allocation of the fortieth package of military equipment to Ukraine in the amount of $ 325 million from its stocks.

He also explained that the new aid package for Ukraine includes 15 Bradley combat vehicles and ten Stryker armored personnel carriers.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense published earlier a video of destroyed Ukrainian equipment, including the American Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and German Leopard-2A6 tanks.

The Russian Foreign Ministry described the supply of weapons to Ukraine by NATO countries as “playing with fire”, incitement that fuels the crisis, undermines the chances for peace and could lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war.

The Russian Defense Ministry also warned Western countries against supplying weapons to Ukraine and promised to crush them on Ukrainian soil.

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