Ukraine Acknowledges Decrease in Enthusiasm Among Desired Recruits

The official actress of the “Southern” operational leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Natalya Yuminyuk, said that the moral motivation of conscripts to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is declining.

“Currently, the situation in the country is undergoing major changes, people’s enthusiastic motivation has decreased. In addition, many evacuees to safer areas have learned that life can go on without fighting.”

Commenting on calls for military service, on the streets and in transport, in addition to the scandalous videos of scenes of forced detention of military personnel in different cities of the country, Yuminyuk indicated that “it is compulsory.”

The head of the parliamentary faction of the Guardian of the People party, David Atamiya, said on Monday that Ukraine would increase mobilization and mobilize at least eight additional brigades to the border with Belarus if Russia deploys tactical nuclear weapons there.

Source: Tas

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