UK. National Crime Agency investigates financial affairs of its new adviser

The British newspaper The Independent reported that the National Crime Agency (NCA) was secretly investigating the finances of newly appointed adviser Nadeem Zahavi.

A British government official said the NCA formally contacted a number of individuals about the matter in 2020, noting that the agency had said it was seeking information about the billionaire’s money.

At that time, the investigation was called “Operation Katalov”, and it involved a division of the agency to combat international corruption.

The officials were told that the investigation was top secret and that Zahavi had not been informed of it. An investigation by the National Constituent Assembly did not result in any action being taken against Zahavi.

The Independent reported that Zahavi learned of the investigation today, Wednesday, through her, noting that his initial reaction was: “The NCA did not conduct such an investigation. If it had happened, I would have known about it.”

Source: The Independent

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