UK. Lawyers to organize general strike next week

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, employees of a well-known law firm in the United Kingdom have decided to call a general strike next week to demand higher wages.

About 81.5% of the members of the Association of Criminal Lawyers, which includes more than 2,000 lawyers, supported the decision to start a general strike that will last four weeks.

The strike will begin on 27 and 28 June with a gradual increase in the number of strike days per week until the strike covers the entire work week from 18 to 22 July.

Protests are planned in front of court buildings, including the Central Criminal Court in London and in several other cities.

The newspaper points out that the reason for the strike was the issue of funding, as lawyers demanded an immediate increase in salaries, since over the past twenty years they have lost about 30% of their value due to inflation, according to the association.

This is despite the government’s announcement that it could take steps to raise wages after independent studies.

In Britain, a wave of general strikes of workers in various sectors of the British economy is expected against the backdrop of high inflation. Railway workers, teachers and others will take part in the strikes.

Source: The Guardian newspaper.

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