UK inflation unexpectedly rises after three months of decline

Inflation in the United Kingdom rose unexpectedly to 10.4% in February after three months of deceleration.

The cost of living rose unexpectedly last month after three consecutive months of declines driven by higher restaurant and food prices.

ONS Chief Economist Grant Fitzner said: “Inflation rose in February, mainly due to higher prices for alcoholic drinks in pubs and restaurants.”

Prices for food and soft drinks rose to their highest levels in more than 45 years, especially for some salads and vegetables, as rising energy prices and bad weather in Europe led to shortages and rationing.

Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt noted that “a decrease in inflation is not inevitable, so we must stick to our plan to halve it this year”, stressing that the government is aware of “how difficult it is for families across the country, so we are working to Inflation is under control. We will help families by subsidizing a living wage of an average of £3,300 per family this year.”

Source: BBC + Scot.

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