UK develops helicopters for its fleet

Naval Today announced that the UK is working on a project to develop drones to supply its army’s navy.

A post on the website read: “The UK Department of Defense has awarded £60 million worth of contracts to the Leonardo Group to design and develop unmanned helicopters for the British Royal Navy. enemy submarines.

According to the site, “the first flight of these helicopters will take place in 2025, and during the tests, Navy experts will study the performance of these drones, the feasibility of investing in their development project, and they will test their ability to maneuver and shoot down marine sonar buoys, as well as their ability to detect submarines and sending data when they are detected.

For their part, the British Navy experts pointed out that “the adoption of this type of aircraft will increase the duration of reconnaissance and observation missions, and it will also be possible to accept these helicopters for other tasks, including rescue and evacuation of the wounded.” .”

According to available information, the prototype Proteus helicopters will be developed based on Merlin-Mk2 helicopters, of which the UK owns several helicopters, and these helicopters can carry approximately 3.7 tons of payload, and are also armed with Sting-Ray torpedoes, Mk11 bombs and 12 caliber machine guns. 7 mm, as well as sonar devices designed to detect and track enemy submarines and ships.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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