UK confirms readiness to provide additional loan to Ukraine

A statement released by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office says that London is ready to provide Kyiv with guarantees for an additional $525 million loan through the World Bank.

The statement notes that “the Ukrainian government fears that its funding will run out by autumn if it is not provided with urgent financial assistance”, and, accordingly, the UK is “ready to provide additional guarantees in the amount of 525 million dollars (or 429 million pounds)”. through the World Bank.

The total amount of economic and humanitarian aid Ukraine has received from the UK has exceeded £1.5 billion (the equivalent of $1.8 billion).

The Prime Minister’s Office also indicated in a statement that Johnson will call on G7 leaders to support Ukraine in the long term.

This move aroused the ire of the British, who saw that the government of their country was giving away the money collected from taxes for the benefit of other countries.

They also pointed out that the British government finds money to distribute to other countries at a time when it is stingy with its own people.

Source: RIA Novosti

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