UK boosts security of pipeline carrying fuel to one of the outlying islands

The Express newspaper, citing sources, reported that London has stepped up security on the pipeline that transports fuel to Ascension Island, amid alleged “interest” in this highway from Russia.

In this context, the newspaper reported that last month, British intelligence agencies received satellite images that allegedly indicate a “clear interest” of Russia in the pipeline area, assuming that it is a possibility of “underwater sabotage”.

The newspaper wrote that the British authorities “decided to send a security team to ensure the transport of fuel day and night”, while it was reported that the operation took place during the next maintenance carried out by the British Department of Defense specialists.

The newspaper in this context reported that the annual maintenance had been delayed by three months to allow for other “special security measures”.

According to a British government source, the security measures were taken in connection with “information received indicating that some foreign powers are beginning to show interest in this pipeline.”

Ascension Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of the equator and about halfway between Africa and South America. The total area of ​​this island, which is under British control, is 91 square meters. km, and inhabited by about 900 people.

It is noteworthy that two Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines along the bottom of the Baltic Sea were subjected to terrorist attacks on September 26 last year.

Germany, Denmark and Sweden have not ruled out that what happened to the Nord Stream gas pipelines was deliberate sabotage, and the Nord Stream Company, which operates the two gas pipelines, said that the accident that happened to them is unprecedented and it is impossible to estimate the time that it will be required for their repair, and the prosecutor’s office started in connection with this Russian year the question of a “terrorist attack”.

It is noteworthy that the Russian Ministry of Defense at the end of October last year stated that representatives of the British Navy participated in planning and carrying out a terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea on September 26 with the aim of sabotage on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement: “According to available information … units of the British Navy participated in the planning and implementation of a terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea on September 26 to sabotage the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines for transporting Russian gas.

Source: Express + RT

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