UK.. biggest rail strike in 33 years

The British railroad and shipping union RMT has announced a strike from 21 to 23 June in what will be the biggest rail workers’ strike since 1989.

This is reported by the Union of Railways and Maritime Transport on its official website. “In the face of such an aggressive program of cutting jobs, terms, wages and pensions, we have no choice but to protect our union members.”

Previously, union members have negotiated with employers, during which they tried to influence the policies of companies that plan to lay off a certain number of workers, as well as reduce wages in the face of high inflation, but this did not lead to a positive result. result, so the union decided to go on strike after that.

Informed sources expect the disruption to the railroad due to the strikes to last 6 days, affecting millions of people.

She indicated that “traffic difficulties are also possible due to the lack of time to restore rail traffic after the strike.”

Source: RT+agencies

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