"UEFA" Reveals the refereeing staff of the European Super.. and imposes offside "semi-automatic"

The European Football Association (UEFA) announced today, Wednesday, the appointment of referees to manage the European Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Eintracht in Frankfurt, which will take place next week in Finland.

UEFA has selected English international referee Michael Oliver to manage the European Super Match next Wednesday at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, assisted by the duo Stuart Burt and Simon Bennett, with Lithuanian Donatas Romchas as fourth referee.

The VAR will be judged by Pole Thomas Kwiatkowski, who will be assisted by his compatriot Bartosz Frankowski and Portuguese Thiago Bruno Lopez.

The European Union also announced the use of “semi-automatic” offside technology (SAOT) for the first time in a Super Bowl match.

He explained that this new technology will be used from the Champions League group stage into the new season.

The new system will work through specialized cameras capable of tracking 29 different points on each player’s body to determine whether or not they have been infiltrated.

Source: agencies

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