"UEFA" Moves after calls to expand secure parking spaces

The European football association UEFA on Wednesday allowed the provision of secure parking spaces for one season at stadiums during European competitions in France, Germany and England.

And if, after the tragedies of Hillsborough in 1989 and Furiani in 1992, the European Commission banned secure parking spaces, which were seen as a place for enthusiasm and as a way to increase capacity, they have gradually returned “to some national competitions.” ” UEFA said in a statement.

The federation added that fans and interested clubs, starting with Germany’s Borussia Dortmund and the legendary Yellow Wall with a capacity of 24,000 fans, called on the European organization to “consider extending this concept to European matches.”

On Wednesday, the UEFA Executive Committee approved the “2022-2023 stadium parking monitoring program” which is limited to the three countries that have already allowed such spaces, namely France, Germany and England, pending possible expansion. .

“The aim is to assess whether it is possible to reintroduce permanent standing stands in UEFA competitions in complete safety,” UEFA said.

While a study commissioned by the Ecole Polytechnique at the end of 2021 revealed “very different curricula” between countries and sometimes within “regions and cities of the same country”.

Source: “Agency”

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