Two police officers killed in Sierra Leone during demonstrations against the high cost of living

The Sierra Leone police announced today, Wednesday, the killing of two police officers after a demonstration against the high cost of living that included clashes between security forces and youth demanding the government’s resignation.

“A policewoman and a policewoman were beaten to death by protesters in East Freetown this morning,” police spokesman Prema Kamara said.

According to an AFP correspondent, in the Kissi district in the east of the capital, dozens of young people threw stones and sticks at security forces, who responded with tear gas.

Chanz has called for the resignation of President Julius Maada Biot, who has been in power since 2018.

Several protesters told AFP that live bullets were fired by security forces.

Dozens of the wounded were transferred to Connaught Hospital, according to the facility’s doctor, who requested anonymity.

For their part, the police announced the arrest of dozens of demonstrators.

The demonstration was initiated by a group of women traders who called for a “peaceful gathering … to shed light on the economic hardships and multiple issues that cast a shadow over the women of Sierra Leone,” the letter said. contacted the Inspector General of Police.

Source: AFP

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