Two French authorities urge Macron to open file "nuclear tests" in Algeria

The two French nuclear abolition bodies have called on President Emmanuel Macron to take responsibility for Algeria’s radioactive legacy and seek a healthy relationship with it.

This is stated in a joint statement signed by the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICANN – France) and the Arms Observatory.

The statement calls on France to disclose the dossier of nuclear tests it conducted in Algeria during the colonial period and continued after independence in accordance with the Evian Accords.

“It is shocking that the explosions that occurred more than 50 years ago in sub-Saharan Africa continue to have humanitarian and environmental consequences and pose a danger to future generations,” the two organizations said in a statement.

ICANN and Armament Watch urgently urged Macron to facilitate claims for compensation against Algerians and access the medical archive maintained by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces Hospital Medical Archives.

He also called for Algeria to provide a complete list of waste disposal sites with their exact location, a description of the buried equipment, as well as publish data on radioactively contaminated areas and explore ways to clean up these areas in cooperation with the Algerian authorities. .

The statement also called on the French president to provide Algeria with plans for the CEA’s underground facilities, as well as the various corridors that have been excavated on Mount Tan Aval.

The statement stated that the decree on the opening of archives related to the war in Algeria, dated 12/22/2021, did not concern nuclear testing.

He called for expanding the process of declassifying the archive of nuclear tests in Polynesia to include the period of the occupation of Algeria. This will allow NGOs and researchers to fully understand the history of these experiments.

Source: Al-Nahar, Algeria.

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