Twitter Labels American Broadcaster as State Media like Russian and Chinese Media

Twitter has angered the prestigious American broadcaster NPR after the social network owned by billionaire Elon Musk tagged “state media” on its account.

The designation puts NPR (National Public Radio), which is based in Washington and has more than eight million subscribers, on par with Chinese and Russian state media, while the move comes after Twitter stripped the New York Times account of its label. , in the first update to Musk’s media policy.

NPR CEO John Lansing expressed dissatisfaction with Twitter’s actions, saying that describing a broadcaster as state-owned under Twitter’s own rules does not apply to NPR, emphasizing that “NPR supports freedom of expression and accountability of influencers.” It’s not acceptable for Twitter to tag us like this.”

In turn, Liz Woolery, director of digital policy for Pen America, which advocates free speech, said that “Twitter designating NPR radio as a state-owned media, on an equal footing with Russian RT, is a move that potentially undermines public confidence in reliable news sources.

The radio has confirmed that less than one percent of its funding comes from federal sources, while platform Twitter has announced that its decision will restrict the radio’s tweets from reaching users.

Source: AFP.

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