TV: Flood death toll in northeast India tops 100

The death toll from severe floods that have gripped northeast India’s Assam state since mid-May has risen to 101.

Today, Thursday, the NTV channel, as a result of the flood over the past day, 12 people have died.

A total of 5.45 million people were affected by severe flooding caused by torrential monsoon rains. The proportion of water in the Brahmaputra and its tributaries continues to be above normal, with large areas flooded in 32 of the state’s 36 districts.

Earlier, local authorities announced that more than 80 people have died and 4.7 million people have been affected in 29 provinces. The floods also destroyed 218 roads and 20 bridges and led to the collapse of two dams in the Kamrup area.

Source: TASS

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