Turkish opposition leader calls again for talks on acquisition of F-35 fighter jets

Republican People’s Party leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu demanded that the AKP government return to negotiations with Washington on the acquisition of F-35 fighter jets.

This comes after the US House of Representatives recently decided to sell F-16s to Turkey at Ankara’s request as compensation for its exclusion from the F-35 program due to its acquisition of Russian S-400 missiles.

Speaking to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kilicdar tweeted: “Sit again with the US to get an F-35. Let competent diplomats do their job. No one shall leave the table without the consent of the F-35 and C-400. questions.”

Kılıçdaroğlu added: “It is not right for us to withdraw from the F-35 fighter project and we are one of its investors and we cannot get our money back and in addition they are trying to impose conditions on the ground where we can and cannot use F-16s that we were forced to.”

Source: “Zaman” Turkish

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