Turkish Justice Minister: We will ask Sweden and Finland again "hand over the terrorists"

Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said requests for the extradition of “terrorists” would again be sent to Sweden and Finland.

During his participation in a number of different programs in Kutahya, Bozdag said that Turkey showed a noble stance in defending its rights and laws before accepting the request of Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

The minister added: “Sweden and Finland have listened to Turkey’s demands to fight the terrorist organization, but will we send requests for the extradition of terrorists again to check whether they are sincere in the fight against terrorism or not?”

Bozdag continued: “The claims of 10 Hizmet terrorists and 10 PKK terrorists have been reviewed and the Ministry of Justice has asked Sweden to extradite them. Similarly, we have decided to reconsider our demands for 6 PKK terrorists and 6 Hizmet terrorists in Finland.” .

Bozdag stressed that if Sweden and Finland do not stand up against terrorist organizations such as the PKK, Service Movement, Democratic Union and others, and if they do not support Turkey’s struggle, Turkey will not say yes to their NATO membership.

Source: time

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