Turki Al-Sheikh fires up communication platforms with questions about including players from Egypt or Saudi Arabia in Almeria.

Saudi Turki Al-Sheikh, owner of Spanish football club Almería, has been rocking social media in the past few hours by asking about a suitable player from Saudi Arabia or Egypt for La Liga.

The following season (2022-2023) Almeria have been promoted to the Spanish first division and start their league campaign against Real Madrid, the defending champions.

Turki Al-Sheikh wrote via his official Twitter account: “Who is this Saudi Arabian player who is useful in the Spanish league and his level of play is basic? Does my father have real answers without tendencies and jokes?”

The owner of Almería asked the same question to Egyptian football fans on his Facebook page: “Who is the player who, by agreement with his management and a professional deal with the Egyptian league, is useful for the Spanish league (La Liga)? ”

As Turki Al-Sheikh wrote: “We want the Almería league in Saudi Arabia to attend and organize matches. We want a stadium of fire.”

He added, wondering, “Who is the best person to hold associations in the kingdom? He established an identity for them, organized, and his work was neat.”

Al-Saudi continued: “We want a mixture of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco to encourage.”

Turki Al Sheikh concluded by saying: “The start of the league with Madrid. Draw. We have recorded the first European champion. In any case, thank God.”

Source: “Twitter/Alshih Turks”

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