Turkey: Sweden and Finland did not fulfill Ankara’s demands to join NATO

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said that the Turkish authorities do not yet see concrete steps from Sweden and Finland that would prompt Ankara to reconsider its position on the two countries’ accession to NATO.

Oktay added, according to CNN Turk today, Sunday: “We are waiting for concrete action from Sweden and Finland, but no steps have yet been taken to our satisfaction. We have not yet reached this stage, and when we reach it, there will be no questions.”

He continued: “In our country’s view, NATO is a security umbrella, and therefore all countries in the bloc have an obligation to protect common borders. We do not want countries that support terrorist organizations to be within NATO borders. This is our position.”

The Turkish authorities have repeatedly stated that they will not support the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO until they provide Ankara with written guarantees of refusing to support terrorist organizations.

Source: TASS

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