Turkey… stopped the smuggling of a huge amount of drugs from Syria

On Saturday, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced that two million Captagon tablets arriving from Syria were seized during a search of a truck in Akdeniz, Mersin.

Soylu said: “310 kilograms (2 million pieces) of Captagon pills that illegally entered our country and want to send them abroad were seized during a truck inspection as a result of tracking in the Mersin Akdeniz region. 4 people are in custody. , our sincere congratulations to the Mersin Police Department.

A written statement released by the Mersin Police Department said: “We have stopped our operations to secure the truck driven by A.K., which was decided to illegally enter our country from Syria and send it abroad.”

The statement continued: “A dog with a sensitive nose, drugged, located drugs placed in bags in a separate compartment inside the fuel tank.”

The statement said that in addition to suspect A.K., suspects B.K., A.A.K., who were connected with him, were also arrested. and H.N.

Source: Turkish media

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