Turkey neutralizes the perpetrators of the 2008 Istanbul attack in northeastern Syria.

Turkish intelligence managed to neutralize a PKK member in Syria “who was responsible for the Istanbul bombing that killed 18 people in 2008,” Anatolia news agency reported.

Law enforcement sources told Anadolu on Saturday that Turkish intelligence received information about the transfer of “terrorist Nusrat Tabish” to Syria from Iraq, where he fled after the terrorist attack in 2008.

She explained that Turkish intelligence spotted a tabish in a house in the Syrian province of Hasakah in the northeast of the country.

She confirmed that intelligence agents managed to neutralize the terrorist thanks to a special operation carried out in his house.

According to sources, “Tebesh” joined the PKK in 1995 and took positions in the ranks of the organization, and was also one of those responsible for the “terrorist attack” that took place in the Gon Goran district of Istanbul in 1995. 2008, which killed 18 people, including 5 children, and injured 154 people.

Source: Anatolia

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