Turkey, Greece and Egypt are fighting for "catch" German pensioners

The Association of Tour Operators has said that next winter Turkey, Greece and Egypt will compete in a “hunt” for European pensioners, especially Germans.

A source at the association added: “Amid the suspension of Russian gas supplies to the European Union, these countries have declared their ambition to become a winter home for Europeans who want to save money by visiting warmer climes. Competition will intensify.” specifically in order to attract European pensioners, whose number reaches 150 million people.

In the coming months, Turkey plans to take in twice as many refugees from the European Union than last year.

According to the general manager of the German tour operator Bentour, Deniz Ugur, the cost of staying in an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey with all meals is half the cost of heating bills in Germany. The cost of a tourist trip per person for 90 days, from January to March, is 2640 euros.

“A million German tourists can visit Turkey in winter,” the director said.

Egypt is also looking forward to the arrival of Europeans in winter and is preparing to launch a “long stay winter” program to attract retirees and remote workers.

Greece is also trying to seize the opportunity. “We have better weather and cheaper life,” says Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

Source: RIA Novosti

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