Tunisian government raises fuel prices

The Tunisian government has decided to raise the price of multi-fuel fuels as a result of an increase in the average price of Brent crude.

Radio Mosaique reported that Industry, Mines and Energy Ministers Nayla Al-Kunji and Trade Minister Fadela Al-Rabhi signed the decision.

In accordance with the decision, the price of “premium unleaded” gasoline became 2730 millimeters per liter, “high-quality unleaded gasoline” – 2400 millimeters, “premium sulfur-free gasoline” – 2425 millimeters, “sulphur-free gasoline” – 2080 millimeters, and “regular gasoline” – 1860 millimeters, and “fuel oil for household consumption” – 950 millimeters.

As for liquefied gas cylinders, the price of a 13 kg cylinder will be 8800 mm, a 6 kg cylinder – 4060 mm, a 5 kg cylinder – 3385 mm, a 3 kg cylinder – 2030 mm. .

According to a report from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Energy and the Ministry of Trade and Export Development, the average price of Brent oil has risen to $107 per barrel since the beginning of the year.

Source: Mosaic

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