Tunisia raises prices for drinking water

The Tunisian government has increased the price of drinking water for those whose consumption exceeds 40 cubic meters, as part of a plan to cut government subsidies amid water shortages due to several years of severe drought.

While the government left the price for small consumers unchanged, it raised the price for those whose consumption exceeds 40 cubic meters by about 15% to 1,830 dinars ($0.588).

It also increased by 17% for those whose consumption ranged from 70 to 100 cubic meters.

As for the consumption of tourist establishments, the price per cubic meter increased by 23% to 1990 dinars.

Notably, Tunisia is suffering from severe drought due to climate change and lack of dams. In the past few years, he has begun launching desalination projects in hopes of making up for the lack of rainfall.

Source: Shams FM + Reuters

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