Tunisia.. Public debt exceeds $34 billion

Tunisia’s public debt exceeded 110.2 billion dinars, or more than $34.7 billion, in the first nine months of 2022, up 8% from September 2021.

Statistics published by the Ministry of Finance on the results of the execution of the state budget showed that the external debt is 60.1 percent of the public debt, that is, 66.3 billion dinars, while the internal debt amounted to 43.9 billion dinars.

Multilateral cooperation accounted for 60.4 percent of external debt structuring, followed by the financial market with 22 percent, and then bilateral cooperation with 17.6 percent.

According to the ministry, the volume of external debt is distributed by currency: 58.4% euro, 25.5% dollar, 8.8% yen and 7.3% other currencies.

Public debt servicing rose to 10.7 billion dinars over the same period, split between 6.4 billion dinars for domestic debt and 4.3 billion dinars for external debt.

The amount of repayment of the main debt exceeded 7.5 billion dinars, of which 4.5 billion dinars fell on internal debt and 2.9 billion dinars on external debt, and interest payments amounted to about 3.2 billion dinars.

(US dollar is equivalent to 3.17 Tunisian dinars)

Source: “Mosaic”

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