Tunisia.. hard currency reserves reduced to 102 days of reserve

Tunisia’s hard currency reserves fell to 102 days of supply, equivalent to 22.6 billion dinars, according to daily monetary and financial indicators released by the Central Bank of Tunisia on Friday.

Net assets of hard currency for the same period in 2021 amounted to about 21 billion dinars, covering 125 days of delivery.

This decline is due to the continued deterioration of the exchange rate of the dinar against foreign currencies, especially against the dollar.

The cost of the latter today is 3,317 dinars, while a year ago (November 3, 2021) its cost did not exceed 2,843 dinars.

The value of the dinar has risen slightly against the euro as the value of one euro has risen from 3.293 dinars in November 2021 to 3.267 dinars at present.

Data from the Central Bank of Tunisia also showed an increase in total operating income to 7.1 billion dinars at the end of October 2022, compared to 6.3 billion dinars in the same period in 2021.

The Central Bank said that tourism revenues increased by 81 percent and reached 3.4 billion dinars in the first ten months of 2022.

On the other hand, the total servicing of external debt decreased significantly by 26 percent, from 9.2 billion dinars as of November 4, 2021 to 6.8 billion dinars.

Source: Watt

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