Tunisia goalkeeper Sfaxien justifies his illegal immigration to Italy

The young goalkeeper of the Sfaxien club, Ali Chalabi, revealed in a press statement the reasons for his illegal immigration to Italy and under mysterious circumstances, but so far without any comment from his team.

Diwan FM radio reported that “the young guardsman participated in Operation Kharga, which is an irregular trip, on one of the immigration boats bound for the Italian island of Lampedusa, emphasizing that “the player had previously passed the bachelor’s degree exam in the last session.”

The departure of the player, who previously belonged to the youth teams, was widely discussed on social networks.

Activists criticized what they called “tough” financial conditions for young players, causing them to forgo their sporting ambitions.

In statements to radio Mosaique FM, Chalabi explained the reason for his emigration: “I suffered injustice in the youth team of Tunisia, which made me think about emigrating, although my position in Sfaxin is good.”

And he added: “I got offers from some Italian teams, so I decided to go to Italy to play and graduate.”

He continued: “I applied to the Italian Embassy in Tunisia for a visa, but was denied twice, so I decided to go to Italy on one of the irregular immigration boats.”

He continued: “I was obliged to take this step, and now I am in the center of Lampedusa, and when I leave it, I will act in accordance with the following steps.”

For his part, Sfaxien youth coach Moez Triki said he, like all officials on the team in the southern capital, was surprised by what the rising goalkeeper had done to Chalabi.

Tricky explained: “He was a regular on the team and there was no indication that he was going to emigrate. As for the offers that he received, we at the Sfaxien club know nothing about them, and he had to inform the Sfaxien administration about this. who would find the most suitable solution for him.

As for the security guard’s father, he said: “I did not know about my son’s journey, and we were very worried about him on Thursday night, when we did not find him in the room, and could not contact him by phone, we did not even sleep the night” .

And he continued: “On Friday morning I received a call from him, where he told me that he was in Italy as part of illegal immigration.”

He added: “I believe that my son emigrated because of the injustice he found in the youth team of Tunisia, where there was favoritism in attracting players, and the same in Sfaxien… Parents who have influence, their children participate in at the expense of others.”

He also confirmed that his son had already received offers from Italian clubs and had documents to prove it, but the visa refusal forced him to take a step that “not everyone liked”.

Source: Koora

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