Truth Social banned from Google Play for content moderation

A Google spokesperson said concerns about a lack of content moderation are hindering the approval of publishing the Truth Social app, owned by former President Donald Trump, through the Google Play app on Android devices.

In response to True Social CEO Devin Nunes’ announcement that an Android version of the app is ready and awaiting Google’s approval, a company spokesperson said in a statement that the platform lacks the “effective” content oversight needed to comply with the Google Play App Store. Terms of Service. .

“On August 19, we notified Tru Social of several standard policy violations in their current app and confirmed that effective user-generated content moderation systems are a requirement of our terms of service for any app that will be published on Google Play,” he explained. In particular, Google is concerned about violations of its policy banning content that includes physical threats and incitement to violence.

Trump created Truth Social after being banned from Twitter in January 2021 for his comments about the January 6 Capitol attack.

Source: Hill

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