Trump responded to Biden: he must be crazy or suffer from dementia

Former US President Donald Trump responded to current President Joe Biden calling him an extremist, calling him crazy or suffering from dementia.

And U.S. President Joe Biden earlier in an address to the nation said that his predecessor Donald Trump and supporters of Trump’s “Make America Great” movement “MAGA” re-represent extremism that threatens America, and emphasized that Trump supporters do not recognize the presidential election, while how conservatives understand that Trump is a threat to democracy.

Trump wrote in response to this on social media: “Someone needs to explain to Joe Biden what MAGA means … If he does not want to make America great again, given his words, actions and thoughts, he will not, and he certainly will does so.” He doesn’t have to represent the United States! If you look at the expressions and meanings of Biden’s strange and angry speech, he threatens America… He must be crazy or suffering from the last stage of dementia.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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