Trump Predicts Ukraine’s Future Under Baden Administration

Former US President Donald Trump expressed his opinion on the outcome of the Ukrainian crisis and the future status of Ukraine under the administration of the current US President Joe Biden.

“Under the administration of current President Joe Biden, the situation in Ukraine will only get worse,” Trump said Friday, speaking in Waukesh, Wisconsin, at a rally in front of his supporters, adding: “This would not have happened at all if I were commander in chief.” .

Earlier, ex-President Trump, commenting on the actions of the Biden administration in the situation around Ukraine, expressed the opinion that the conflict in Ukraine should end in a deal, and urged not to send millions of dollars of aid to Kyiv, noting that due to US actions, the conflict in Ukraine could lead to to the third world war.

Trump again attacked Biden, blaming his administration for record inflation, falling stock markets, soaring energy prices and the loss of US energy independence.

Trump added, according to What the local media reportedWe are a nation that surrendered in Afghanistan, leaving behind dead soldiers, American citizens, and $85 billion worth of the world’s finest military equipment.

Source: TASS

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