Trump Jr. Slams Silicon Valley for Ignoring Financial Responsibility

Donald Trump Jr. has argued that banks like Silicon Valley and Signature would not have failed if ideological considerations such as diversity and gender equality had not taken precedence over “common sense” in doing business.

Trump Jr posted satirical cartoons on social media in which a manager asks his employees, “How do we organize banks so they stay solvent?” One of them answered “diversity” and another said “climate” while a third suggested “hedge interest rate risks” to annoy the manager.

Trump Jr. tweeted on Sunday about the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley, one of the largest US banks:

“That’s what happens when a leftist/”wake” ideology pushes awareness of social justice and racial justice issues and outpaces common sense business practices. It won’t be the last failure of its kind as long as people are rewarded for promoting this style “.

According to media reports, the position of chief risk officer at Silicon Valley Bank has been vacant since April 2022 and last January, with the bank’s head of financial risk being “engaged in more important projects, such as LGBT issues, rather than risk assessment.” .

Source: RT

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