Trump delays campaign launch until midterm elections

CNN cites informed sources that former US President Donald Trump is considering waiting until the midterm elections in November to announce his campaign.

After months of considering Labor Day weekend as a possible start date for the 2024 presidential campaign, Trump has spent the past few weeks rolling back that timeline following an FBI raid on his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort, sources said.

“Everyone assumed that soon after Labor Day would be the best time to launch the campaign, but everything changed and he was asked to deal with the FBI cases first,” said one of Trump’s advisers.

According to nine former and current Trump aides and allies, “While his schedule may change again between today and November, the onslaught of political and legal concerns has left the former president nervous about diving into the 2024 primary prematurely.”

“The arguments of advisers who wanted him to slow down the campaign varied,” CNN told CNN. “Some said that if he started his campaign early, he would run out of money by the time the Republicans had a nominating convention.” leaving him penniless and weak during the general election,” CNN told CNN.

Source: CNN

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