Tracking Ukrainian Grain Exports Post-Grain Deal: An Infographic

Today, Saturday, the Russian news agency TASS published a new infographic that shows a comprehensive and detailed picture of Ukrainian grain transportation under the grain deal signed last July.

The agency said the deal ends today, noting that Russia has agreed – subject to consultations between the UN and the Russian delegation – to extend the deal, but this time for 60 days instead of 120 days. , due to non-fulfillment of a number of requirements of Russia, incl. It lifted sanctions from the Russian Silkhoz Bank and Russian fertilizer producers.

The infographic shows that since the entry into force of the grain deal in July last year, Ukraine has exported 24.31 million tons of grain. Of these, 9.61 million tons were transported to Western countries, including Spain (4.19 million tons), Italy (1.77 million tons), the Netherlands (1.53 million tons) and Portugal (0.58 million tons). ). As for Asian countries, they received a total of 7.51 million tons of grain, including China (5.23 million tons) and Bangladesh (0.66 million tons), while the Middle East region received only 4.1 million tons, including Turkey (2). , 69 million tons) and Israel (0.68 million tons). As for the countries of North Africa, they received only 2.14 million tons, the countries of tropical Africa – 0.59 million tons, the countries of Eastern Europe – 0.36 million tons.

Source: Sputnik

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