Trace and Biden agreed in a telephone conversation "peace protection" in Ireland

New British Prime Minister Liz Terrace and US President Joe Biden agreed in their first phone call on Tuesday that peace in Northern Ireland must be protected, Downing Street reported.

The phone call came just hours after Boris Johnson’s new prime minister took office.

While she was Foreign Minister, she introduced a bill regulating trade relations with the European Union after Brexit and specifically calling for the abolition of parts of the trade agreement between the two parties, especially those relating to Northern Ireland, which Brussels opposes and also threatens to escalate relationship with Washington.

Downing Street said in a statement that Truss told Biden that he also looked forward to “working closely” with Washington “to solve common problems.”

Since she took over the Foreign Office a year ago, the United States has repeatedly expressed concern about the positions taken by the minister, especially those regarding the organization of the post-Brexit phase of the European Union in terms of relations specifically between Northern Ireland. , a British province, and Ireland, a member state of the European Union.

Terrace’s positions during her tenure at the Foreign Office caused tensions between London and Brussels, Dublin and Washington.

Biden, an Irishman, criticized Johnson’s Brexit policy.

Before his 2020 presidential election, Biden warned that if Brexit did any damage to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement that ended 30 years of violence in Northern Ireland, his administration would not agree to a UK-US trade deal.

A trade deal between London and Washington is now considered a distant prospect.

But defense ties between the two transatlantic allies have grown in recent years, especially thanks to a new partnership they forged with Australia last year called Ocos.

In their telephone conversation, Truss and Biden agreed to “strengthen this relationship, including through the development of our deep defense alliance in both NATO and the OCO.”

Source: AP

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