Top Gadget Gifts for the Men (or Women) in 2020

How do you find the perfect gifts for men? Gift shopping for men can be quite difficult. You want to find something they like and will enjoy.

You’re on the search for some tech gift ideas. Luckily, there are many gadget gifts for men to choose from. The important part is knowing what type of gadgets they’re into or need the most in their lives.

Take a few moments to think about the men in your life. Are they businessmen? Do they spend the majority of their time outdoors?

After you take the time to think about these questions, continue reading below. Here are a few of the top tech gifts that you should consider buying for the men in your life!

Phone Sanitizer
Did you know that your cell phone is covered in 25,127 bacteria per square inch? Yuck! Cell phones are disgusting when not cleaned properly.

Today, more than ever, people are trying their best to maintain great hygiene practices. We think about washing our hands and sanitizing surfaces we touch frequently but have you thought about sanitizing your cell phone? A phone sanitizer is a great gadget gift for any man in your life with a cell phone!

The phone sanitizer also charges your phone while using UV-C lighting to clean your cell phone. Another great thing about this gadget is the man in your life can also place other items inside it such as keys and earbuds as well!

Shower Speaker
Who doesn’t love to sing while in the shower? Listening to music while washing in the shower is the best way to soak up all the warm water and relax. If you know a man in your life who likes to play music on their phone while in the shower, then a shower speaker is a great gift idea for them.

A shower speaker suctions onto your shower walls or clips onto your shower caddy. You can control the volume right on the speaker, which connects to your phone. You don’t have to worry about it getting wet because it’s waterproof, also making it an ideal speaker to bring along with you to the beach!

Laptop and Desktop
For any gamer or business person in your life, a new laptop or desktop computer will blow them away. When shopping at, you can find some amazing deals on both as well. Even if he already has a laptop or desktop, it’s important to look into the age of the device.

Unfortunately, over time, computers begin to process things slower with age. There are some ways to speed up a computer, but there are also times when replacing the device is the better option. If a man in your life needs a new laptop or computer for work, gaming, school, or something else, then it’s time to consider a replacement.

Multiple Device Charging Station
It’s been one of the biggest arguments of the year: who gets to use the charger first. When there are multiple devices in the house or office, but the number of chargers or outlets is limited, a multiple device charging station can come in handy. The multiple device charging station can charge several devices at one time.

It’s also compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The station helps keep everything organized as well. Some charging stations also come with several charging cables, including lightning cables, micro-USB cables, and USB-C cables as well.

A charging station like this will come in handy for someone who has multiple devices that they need to be charged, whether at home or in the office.

Bluetooth Speaker Beanie
The Bluetooth Speaker Beanie has speakers built into the beanie that connects to your phone. The speakers are of high quality, and you can listen to your favorite music for up to 12 hours before needing to charge it. The range between the beanie and your phone is 44 feet, so there’s a lot of room to move around without having to be stuck to a cell phone.

There are plenty of colors to choose from so you can find one that suits the man in your life the best. The beanie is washable and comes with controls that are easy to navigate! Can you think of someone who’d love this beanie?

Electric Mug Warmer
All coffee drinkers know just have frustrating it is to make a fresh cup of coffee, take one sip, get busy, and then return to a cold cup of coffee. How often does the man in your life have to reheat his daily cup of coffee? If you notice him having to reheat his coffee regularly, then an electric mug warmer will brighten his day.

This mug warmer can be used to warm a beverage up to 131°F. This doesn’t just cover coffee either. Do you have a tea drinker on your hands?

No problem! The warmer is easy to use and doesn’t require a specific type of mug to keep the contents warm. He can place his favorite mug on the warmer and continue getting his work done without having to worry about it going cold.

Drone With HD Camera
Drones are amazing gadget gifts for any man in your life who enjoys the outdoors, nature, and photography. A drone with an HD camera can take high-quality photos at high altitudes and even shoot videos as well. It’s the perfect device for getting all those amazing angles that he wouldn’t be able to capture with a regular camera.

The camera on the drone can be removed if desired and then used for shooting other things such as eye-level nature shots, racing, and more.

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder
Do you see the man in your life constantly fidgeting with their cell phone mount in their car? Finding the right cell phone mount to keep their cell phone in place while driving can be difficult. Some mounts clip onto the air vents and can change positions due to movements.

Others might fall down during bumpy rides. The magnetic cell phone holder will suction onto the dashboard of his car and keep his phone in place using a magnetic force. The magnetic force used to hold the cell phones in place is safe for all phones.

The mount itself can rotate 360 degrees to ensure the perfect angle.

Nintendo Handheld Game and Watch
Did the man in your life grow up during the popularity of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros? If you know someone who enjoys the old-school Nintendo games, then they’re going to love the Nintendo handheld game and watch. The small rectangular game fits perfectly into the palm of your hands.

It features a clock on the display that’s easy to read. He can also use the device to play Super Mario Bros with a simple A and B button and arrow keypad (just like the original controllers).

PocketTalk Translator
If he’s someone who travels a lot, then the PocketTalk Translator will become his favorite gadget. The PocketTalk Translator can translate up to 74 different languages. Rather than having to download and shift through different translation apps, he can quickly pull the PocketTalk Translator out of his pocket and translate with ease.

A great feature this device has to offer is it can also translate text when a photo is snapped. The next time he visits a restaurant in another country, he can snap a photo of the menu and have it translated for him.

Smart Notebook
If you have a few businessmen in your life, then a smart notebook can benefit them in a business aspect. The smart notebook allows him to jot down important notes and then transfer them to his Google Drive, Slack, email, and other platforms. Once he’s transferred the notes, he can then wipe the pages clean with a cloth and use them again.

This makes keeping notes much easier and more organized!

Home Doggy Cam
Does he have a pup at home that he often worries about when away at work or somewhere else? There are doggy cams you can buy that’ll help him keep an eye on his pup while away. Some devices also allow two-way audio so he can talk to his pup and hear his pup as well.

There are even doggy cam devices that have a treat dispenser built into the device so he can dispense treats to his pup as he pleases from his cell phone!

Which Gadget Gifts for Men Caught Your Eye?
Is there a specific gift on this list that caught your eye? With so many gadget gifts for men to choose from, you might find it difficult to only purchase one. Do your best to think of the items that the men in your life will enjoy the most and don’t hesitate to select more than one.

Are you interested in more tech topics? Check back here on a regular basis for more!

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