To overthrow Ronaldo and Suarez… A call to prayer and a 12-hour fast in Ghana

“12-hour fast and prayer for the Ghana national team” is how some influential people in the African country urged the Ghanaian people to fast and pray to support their country’s national team ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Among the most prominent proponents of this idea was renowned Ghanaian journalist Siddiq Addams, who wrote on his official Twitter account: “Dear Christians, we fast and pray on Friday. Today it is your turn to pray and fast for Ghana. National team.”

He added: “Remember that fasting lasts from 6 am to 6 pm.”

This invitation was rejected and ridiculed by some, as they believed that religious rites had nothing to do with football, while others agreed to fast and pray in order to support the Ghana national team ahead of fiery confrontations at the World Cup, in which the “black Stars” team will meet with the Portuguese national team led by Cristiano Ronaldo and the national team of Uruguay led by its historical scorer Luis Suarez, in addition to the South Korean team, in the Group H competition.

Calls to support the Ghana national team with prayers have become official as the Ghana Football Association announced in a statement that coordination has been reached with major churches in the capital Accra to hold a mass prayer on November 6 to plead with God to ensure the Black Stars have a good performance at the World Cup. in Qatar.

Source: Ghana websites.

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