Title: Russia’s gas focus now on Turkey

The Economist said that Russia has significantly increased its gas supplies to Turkey over the past year, to the point where it has already become the center of Russian gas, despite pressure from the West.

Elmira Imamkuleva, professor at the Faculty of Economics at the Higher School of Economics, said: “Trade and economic relations between Moscow and Ankara experienced a tumultuous boom last year, as soon as the West began to impose sanctions against Russia. “

“Since then, Russia has greatly increased the export of minerals, as well as cheap energy resources, which Turkey urgently needs, since it does not have its own hydrocarbon resources,” the expert added.

She pointed out that “Turkey has already turned into a center for Russian gas, which has not officially begun to be built yet,” and also pointed out that the supply of Turkish goods to Russia has also increased dramatically, especially chemical products, vegetables, fruits, textiles and electronics.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructed to quickly work out the issue of creating a Russian gas center in Turkey.

The idea is to divert Russian natural gas from the Nord Stream gas pipelines to the Black Sea region and Turkey, as Europe can get Russian gas through Turkey.

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