"Time to retire, Joe"..Criticism of the President of the United States after he fell down the plane

American users on the social network “Twitter” expressed concern about the ability of US President Joe Biden to carry out his duties after he fell on the steps of the presidential plane in Warsaw.

U.S. President Joe Biden, 80, briefly stumbled and lowered his arm to regain his balance as he climbed the airstairs on Air Force One as he left the Polish capital of Warsaw.

“Time to retire Joe,” wrote one user.

Another added: “Sad…very soon we will need a wheelchair ramp on Air Force One.”

One user commented: “This old man is in crisis! How fit is he for service?

Another reader expressed his opinion by saying, “We need to take a test to find out Joe Biden’s physical and mental health.”

Another concluded by saying, “Enough. He should retire.”

The incident is the latest in a series of Biden slipping on the steps of an airplane, and the last time it happened was in June last year when he was heading to the US state of California.

The US president also stumbled several times while climbing stairs on an airplane before a trip to Georgia last year, which the White House attributed to high winds.

Doubts about the U.S. President’s mental and physical health have intensified recently, with the White House saying routine medical checkups showed Biden to be in “good” health and “enjoying activities” and a medical specialist deemed him “fit” . successfully fulfill the duties of the President.

Source: News + RT

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