"Time": Britain no longer has weapons to support Kyiv

A source in the British Ministry of Defense said that before the end of the year, British financial support for Ukrainian hostilities would cease.

“Britain is running out of armaments, and the fact is that before the end of the year the British financial contribution to Ukraine expires,” a source quoted The Times as saying.

The new British prime minister will have to decide whether to spend “billions of pounds” to support Kyiv at a time when the country’s finances are going through hard times.

The newspaper reported that the people of Britain are beginning to realize the scale of the sacrifices they must make for the sake of Kyiv.

The newspaper quoted a British citizen as saying that despite our support for arming Ukraine, we are very afraid because of gas prices, adding: “I think we are guilty of exaggerating the glorification of Ukrainians.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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