This is where the devil lies.. Zelensky is accused of holding back details

The newspaper Politico notes that domestic political criticism of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is intensifying in his country, as opposition politicians accuse him of excessive concentration of power and superficial methods of governance.

Journalist Jimmy Detmer said in a newspaper article that the “war” has changed nothing in Zelensky’s position and in his use of complex management methods, as well as in operations that accumulate against his wishes: he (Zelinsky) prefers general features and ignores details, loves rely on a close circle of friends.

Even before the start of the Russian special operation, MP Lesya Vasilenko said that Ukraine was a “hostage” of a patriotic leader who does not know how to think strategically.

The article quotes Ukrainian parliamentarian Mykola Knyazhitsky: “Zelensky became the head of state, and he lacked political experience and experience in managing state institutions. He thought they were very easy to control. He makes decisions, he has to carry them out, and when something goes wrong, his reaction is always this: it’s a mistake. My predecessors are in power. They should be put in jail.”

According to him, Zelensky belongs to the type of populist politicians and has all the shortcomings of this type of politician.

The article highlights growing frustration with Zelensky in the Verkhovna Rada, with MPs complaining that the government is ignoring them. The article quotes opposition MP Ivana Klimbosh Tsintsadze, who served as deputy prime minister in the government of former President Petro Poroshenko: “We see decisions becoming more centralized and concentrated in the hands of fewer people, and this is damaging the reputation of our democratic institutions. …Of course, to everyone who thinks that Gathering and concentrating power is the solution to our problems.”

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