There is Intense Competition Among Apple’s Suppliers for Orders Related to The Rumoured 5G Modem for iPhones

Many suppliers are interested in helping with the final chip assembly for Apple’s alleged 5G modem project.

There is Intense Competition Among Apple's Suppliers for Orders Related to The Rumoured 5G Modem for iPhones_

While Apple’s chipmaking partner TSMC is anticipated to provide the custom-designed modem, other manufacturers may be responsible for the final packaging stage. According to the Taiwanese supply chain journal DigiTimes, ASE Technology and Amkor Technology are “competing” to package the modem chips. According to the article, the two businesses have prior experience packaging Qualcomm’s modem chips.

The whole iPhone 14 family and other Apple devices only use 5G modems from Qualcomm. Yet, there has long been speculation that Apple is creating its own 5G chip as an internal replacement. The CEO of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon, predicted that Apple’s 5G modem would be ready in 2024 last month. However, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg stated that it might take Apple three years to sever its ties to Qualcomm completely.

The fourth-generation iPhone SE, anticipated to be released around March 2024, is the first gadget that will likely be outfitted with Apple’s 5G modem. It still needs to be determined how Apple’s chip will perform compared to Qualcomm’s modems. Over time, switching to an internal design would probably result in lower production costs for Apple.

The Snapdragon X70 modem from Qualcomm, which offers improved cellular speed and power efficiency over the Snapdragon X65 included in all iPhone 14 models, is anticipated to be included in all iPhone 15 models.

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