There is a Possibility That The Starfield Xbox Controller has Been Published Online

If you’re looking forward to Bethesda’s forthcoming space-faring epic, we might have some information to make you happy. A limited edition Starfield Xbox controller was leaked online not too long ago, with images of the controller appearing on a Chinese website before being shared on websites such as Resetera and Reddit.

There is a Possibility That The Starfield Xbox Controller has Been Published Online_

It’s possible that it’s too good to be true. Nevertheless, the game controller looks stunning in the images currently hosted on Imgur. It is extremely accurate and cannot be refuted in any way; in fact, it is far too accurate to be a fake, but one should never say never.

Is There a Starfield Controller for Xbox?

We discussed the recently disclosed “bundle” for the Diablo IV Xbox game a few days ago and expressed our dissatisfaction with it. During that conversation, we brought up the idea that there have been far too few limited-edition consoles released for this generation of games, but this could soon change.

It is only exceptional for Microsoft to release a limited edition Xbox controller by simultaneously releasing the corresponding Xbox console in the same package. However, this is anticipated to be one of the most influential and anticipated launches that have ever occurred on the platform. Microsoft is passing up a huge business opportunity if it does not capitalize on the excitement and release a limited edition console, possibly bundled with this Starfield Xbox controller.

Without a doubt, it is a magnificent controller. It is unquestionably “spaceship-like,” boasting references to pilot control systems and featuring a clean color palette of white and grey with charming red detailing. This cannot be denied. It has an awesome and motivational message inside the battery cover, and the d-pad is chrome.

Everyone, please head to the Starfield.

It has a phenomenal design, and if, in the future, it can be purchased together with a limited edition Xbox Series X console, then that will be a bonus.

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