The World Team beats the European Team and wins the Laver Cup.

The World team won the Laver Tennis Cup at the expense of the European team after the victory of American Francis Tiafoe over Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas on Sunday.

Tiafoe beat Tsitsipas 1-6, 7-6, 10-8, bringing the total score between the two teams to 13-8.

Tiafoe appeared to be on his way to a second singles loss, after the first to Djokovic, after Tsitsipas, who beat Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman 6-2, 6-1 on the first day of Friday, settled with total ease in the first set 6 – one.

But the American moved up in the second set, which was a marathon one, after neither player was able to force his serve on the opponent, so the decision in the marathon tie-break was also completed by the American, who finished 19th in his favor, 13-11 .

In the Super Thai Break decisive group, the American had the advantage with a score of 10-8, which made the last singles marginal, bringing the Norwegian Kasper Rudd closer to the American Taylor Fritz from the point of view of Europeans.

The team with 13 points is crowned with the Laver Cup title, with each team receiving one point for each match won on Day 1, then two points for every match won on Day 2, and then three points for every win on Day 3.

The first day’s competition ended 2-2 on Friday before the European team took an 8-4 lead in the second day’s competition on Saturday, but lost that lead on the final third day to concede the world title.


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