The West Exerts Pressure on Security Council Members During Nord Stream Vote, according to Polyansky

Russia’s deputy delegate to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, said the West put strong pressure on members of the UN Security Council during the vote in the Council on the Russian draft resolution on the Nord Stream explosions.

Polyansky recalled that the Russian project called on the UN Secretary General to form an independent international commission to investigate sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. .

Earlier, the UN Security Council did not approve the Russian draft resolution on the establishment of an international commission to investigate the incident. The document did not get the required number of votes due to the position of Western countries. Russia, China and Brazil voted in favor, while the rest of the council members abstained.

“I think that other non-Western members who abstained were afraid to publicly express their support for us,” Polyansky added. “As usual, there was a lot of pressure from Western countries on other members. The West has categorically made it clear that I do not want to vote in support Russian position.

The Russian diplomat stressed that many members of the UN Security Council are waiting for Denmark, Germany and Sweden to conduct an urgent and transparent investigation into the bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

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