The US Navy recovers a fighter jet that crashed in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of about 3 km.

The US Navy has announced that it has recovered a fighter jet from the bottom of the Mediterranean after it fell off an aircraft carrier last month during what it called “difficult and unexpected weather.”

In particular, the US Navy said in a statement that the F / E-18 Super Hornet, which is estimated at $ 57 million, fell into the Mediterranean Sea from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman on July 8 and was recovered from board. bottom about a month later, August 3rd.

Fox News reported last month that the accident happened in the northern Mediterranean region near Naples in Italy.

The rescue team, which managed to pull the aircraft from a depth of 2.9 kilometers below sea level, consisted of several special units of the Navy and used the CURV-21 remote-controlled diving robot.

The statement said that this robot sank to the bottom and tied a set of ropes to a fighter jet lying on the seabed, after which the plane was lifted by it and pulled to sea level.

According to the US Navy, the successful rescue operation demonstrates its ability to conduct “underwater search and rescue operations” around the world.

“The quick response of our combined team allowed us to carry out rescue work within 27 days of the accident. Our team worked safely and efficiently to meet the schedule. The search and rescue operation took less than 24 hours,” said Lieutenant Miguel. Lewis, Rescue Officer, US Sixth Fleet. This is a clear testament to the team’s dedication and ability.”


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