The UK raised its electricity bill ceiling by 80% to 1971 levels.

The British Energy Authority has announced that the electricity bill ceiling for consumers will be raised by 80% to reach £1,971 as of October following rising energy prices around the world caused by the impact of sanctions against Russia.

The head of the UK Energy Regulatory Authority, Jonathan Brierley, warned that energy prices were likely to continue to rise and urged the next prime minister to take new measures to combat rising prices.

“Winter is coming, electricity bills are at record levels and this is not the best thing that could happen in light of the cost of living crisis,” Brierley said.

To reduce consumption, he suggested adopting some practices such as closing windows and doors, turning on appliances only when needed, switching to energy efficient LED lighting, washing dishes in a bowl of water, showering instead of lying in bed. sink, and turning off the heating in the rooms. It is not inhabited, and the heating level is lowered in the rest of the rooms.

It is noteworthy that the maximum allowed electricity bill after the latest amendments could be £1,971, while the previous maximum was £1,578.

Source: RIA Novosti

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