The UAE is financing the construction of a football stadium in Israel and wants to buy FC Hapoel Tel Aviv.

The Emirates Government Company has agreed with Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation Issawi Freij to build a new football stadium in the city of Kafr Kasem in central Israel, which will be called Khalifa.

And according to what was posted on the Ynet website, Fridge has received the green light to build the stadium from Emirates officials, leading to the preparation of plans that are expected to go into effect in the coming months.

At the appropriate level, Regional Cooperation Minister Frei said last night that he had brokered a deal to buy the Hapoel Tel Aviv team from the club owners, which has not gone into effect for political reasons, and there is an attempt to complete it before the end of the current season, and Frey said that: “The economic issue is not a problem for an Emirati businessman … We need big investments here, but there is a political problem here. what we need to know how to solve.”

Frey added: “The financial issue is not a problem or an obstacle. We will try to prepare the ground for next season. I’m almost certain that this will be left behind. The deal with the owners of Hapoel is in full swing. The reports have been handed over to the Emirates and everything is in order. I am working with Yariv Lavin, who is a fan of the Hapoel Tel Aviv team, we are trying to figure everything out.”

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